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1 Outline of HI-GOMUAS

As building Structures have become larger-scaled, higher-rise and more cutting-edge recently, the importance of waterproofing

materials are highlighted stronger than ever. In this regard, the development of more secure waterproofing methods is considered to be essential.

More than 80% of waterproofing defects are due to spalling crack, or fracture of waterproofing lager in general, and DONG-BANG ORUMA Co., Ltd.

Have succeed in minimizing the leakage by developing mutually complementing compound waterproofing of POCEMOR and HI-GOMUAS.

HI-GOMUAS’s high extension rate over 1500% can exhibit optimal waterproofing performance in a structure with extensive cracks and vibration, and POCEMOR’s excellent adhesion and water resistance makes highly integrated waterproofing layer.

With this solution, the satisfaction with reduced costs and terms both is guaranteed for everyone in the construction industry who

is demanding 0% leakage.

2 Uses

Roofs with severe vibration, cracks, or protrusion

External waterproofing such as underground outer wall, parking lot ceiling , utility tunnel, sub-level pass through (rabbit hole), etc.

Civil engineering water-proofing such as sewage plant, waste treatment plant, reservoir, and drainage.


What is POCEMOR?

POCEMOR is an excellent water-proofing materials produced with enhanced water-proofing and adhesiveness by improving

the physical character of acryl and SBR latex to fit water-proofing.

POCEMOR proceeds with the hydration of cement and formation of polymer membrane at the same time, coheres polymer

paricles to cement surface, forming a combined co-matrix of cement and polymer.

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