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Use & Disclaimer, Character

—1. Mixed S-1 slurry coat with brush, roller or scraper.
—2. First coating from top to bottom.
—3. After applying to the 1st row 2nd process is applied

—4. After two days, and cure the coating will remain wet
—1. Don't apply the coating. If the temperature is 4 or less, within 24 hours, 4 or less.
—2. You must avoid touching directly on the skin
—3. Mixing ratio should be exactly as directed formulations
—4. Construction to avoid direct sunlight and humid conditions to maintain
—5. Case of eye contact, immediately rinse with water and consult with a physician 
—6. After curing the coating more than one week please put the water in

1. Can apply on wet substrate.

2. Excellent adhesion with various materials.

3. Low usage and reduce construction period.

4. Excellent water tightness.

5. Good chemical resistance by inorganic compounds.

6. Subsequent process of mortar or epoxy can be applied to the system.

7. Easy paint-ability, save coating cost and time.

8. Cure period will increase the strength rapidly.

9. Doesn’t crack by freeze-thaw.

10. Penetrate to concrete make a tight crystallization with substrate


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