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Polymer Cement Mortar Water-Proof material [RS2000]

product properties

Polymer Cement Mortar Water-Proof material [RS2000] is modified Acrylic Polymer.  Excellent 

Adhesion and Strength can be acquired when mixed with Cement.

■ Excellent Adhesion – Incorporation of polymer molecule into the Cement can make the composite 

more  attachable to the substrate.

■ Chemical Resistance – RS-2000 can prevent the acidification of the cement and resistant to other 

pollute chemicals

■ Exhibit excellent water-proof property when applied in Quay or Dock.

■ Exhibit water-proof when used only in cement mortar because this chemical prevent the expansion 

and cracks while curing.

■ Exhibit excellent weatherability, anti-fouling, and Endurance. Each cement particles can be 

coated by this polymeric molecules – Strictly Prevent the penetration of the water molecules.

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