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 Aluminium  formwork is light weight, much reuse, great loading strength, Widely use, Convenient fabrication, 

Valuable and recoverable waste. It's best suitable for steel concrete structure building.

v  Advantage of Aluminum formwork

Aluminum formwork, being a new type of building Material was invents in the 1962.After more than 50 years of development, it has been widely used in the United States, Canada, Europe, HK, Macao, India, Malaysia, Brazil, and Vietnam. However, the application of Aluminum formwork is relatively new in our Country. Aluminum alloy formwork has many advantage as compared to other formworks.

1.     It can used repeatedly with low average use-cost:

For a set of Aluminum formwork we can be used more than 300 times in a low average use-cost.

2.     Construction is Convenient and Effective: The assembly of Aluminum alloy formwork

  Is simple and convenient; the average weight is 23-24 Kg/ m2. For Aluminum formwork

 A skilled installation worker can install 20-30 square meters per day.

3.     Saving on Construction Time: Aluminum alloy formwork system is fast assembles

and removal system that shorten the construction period and save the administration cost. A set of aluminum formwork can build one story in every four days under a normative construction.

4.     Wide Application: Aluminum alloy formwork is best Apply into the position such

 fields as wall, horizontal floor, Columns, Stairs case, window sills, floating plate etc.

5.     High Salvage Value of the aluminum alloy formwork system is very high when be

scrapped as wastes.



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